How do we guarantee fairness/ randomness?

The user can view the current balances of each house on mainnet under the following shared object ids.

a. House data addresses on mainnet:

  1. SUI - 0xd6b9c261ab53d636760a104e4ab5f46c2a3e9cda58bd392488fc4efa6e43728c

  2. BUCK - 0x8f4c6ccff6bca0c02a3f99ec48152ed03a043de6165d804faba66c3cafcf2b9d

How do games work on Suilette?

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For each flip we create a game with a specific DRAND round in mind that gives us a seed for randomness. See the following txn below:


That creates the following roulette game id: 0x05b29162bcf1df397bdd807e86de08b82eaca45de680aee0fca6e820951649cc

See that we have this set to be the 3328664th drand round, and we can use this round to derive our result rolls. In https://suiexplorer.com/txblock/BTDVyEiGcZmyovg9zuobDmytNdvPt4u7Bqn7RvTWEReu We utilize this drand round to derive the result roll of 19

For those interested in how the derivation works we utilize the following drand_lib.move file provided by MystenLabs https://github.com/MystenLabs/sui/blob/main/sui_programmability/examples/games/sources/drand_lib.move#L59

Our result_rolls are a number rolled from range 0 to 37 where 0 represents the 0 roll and 37 represents the 00 rolls and all other numbers represent itself.

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