Play alongside other players while the runner is headed to the goal

Suid Game is a wagering game inspired by your friendly childhood Red-Light Green-Light game. The original goal of Red-Light Green-Light is to get to the finish line. However, Suid game is a game where participants wager on how far your runner can get before Surou turns around and stops you.

How to Play

Place a bet that consists of a set amount and target distance. You win a bet if the runner passes the target distance of the bet, which results in a payout based on your bet (amount and the target distance). If the runner fails to pass the target distance, then the bet/bet amount is lost.

How Multiplier Works

The game's reward multiplier ranges from 1 to 100. It is automatically set at 1, but players can choose any value between 1.01 and 100. A player selecting a multiplier 'X' has a certain probability of winning, calculated without any additional house advantage. This probability is determined by a specific formula where the multiplier at Surou's turn is generated using a random number formula.

  • Multiplier is always in the range [1, 100] and players can pick any multiplier within the range [1.01, 100].

  • Let's say the player picks X. In an ideal game with no additional house edge the probability of Surou turns after reaching to X is

P(Run over X)1X.P(\text{Run over }X) \approx \frac{1}{X}.
  • Random outcome generation should be so that the above probability holds. For this purpose, the multiplier where Surou turns around is generated using the following formula

Turn point=10000D10000100D\text{Turn point} = \frac{10000 - D}{10000 - 100D}

where D is given by

D=Random uint256 mod 9950100D=\frac{\text{Random }\texttt{uint256 } \text{mod } 9950}{100}

For instance, the likelihood of the game ending before or after a 2x multiplier is calculated based on this formula.

P(Turn before x2)0.5075,P(Turn after x2)0.4925.P(\text{Turn before x2}) \approx 0.5075,\:P(\text{Turn after x2}) \approx 0.4925 .

Additionally, there's a unique rule: if a random number generated by a Variable Random Function (VRF) and applied to a modulus of 9950 is a multiple of 69, then Surou turns instantly at 1. This introduces a house edge of approximately 1.43% across all numbers, but only a 0.715% at 2x, and decreasing edge as we increase our target multiplier. Since 2x is our breakeven point, this additional house edge is amortized at 0.715%.

This affects the probabilities, with different chances of the game turning before or after reaching a 2x multiplier under these conditions.

P(Turn before x2)0.515,P(Turn after x2)0.485.P(\text{Turn before x2}) \approx 0.515,\:P(\text{Turn after x2}) \approx 0.485.

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